This Week In Viral: “Family Guy” ; “South Park”

Every week there seems to be some sort of controversy or fun meme that runs rampant on the internet as it concerns adult animation, and this week is no different Here’s a rundown of some of the silliness that went down this week.


First up, the internet was going nuts over the Family Guy’s opening scene for “Pawtucket Pete” where Peter gave a monologue over the grave of former Pawtucket Ale manager “Angela” who was voiced by the late Carrie Fisher. Outlets everywhere were using terms like “heartfelt”, “loving”, etc to describe the scene. But for fans who actually watched the episode, which clearly those same outlets did not, they forgot to mention the fact that the opening scene was a gag, which is probably the way Carrie would’ve wanted it anyway:


South Park ended their 22nd season this last Wednesday. A key scene occurred when Santa Claus came to town, called the adults a bunch of cunts for kicking out Mr. Hankey, and then he took off. Well, Comedy Central let air the ‘c-bomb’ as it were, and we are all better for having heard it. Obviously, this faux outrage culture we’re in, evidently ‘cunt’ is still a dirty word. Here’s a clip and we’ll let you be the judge:

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