This Week In Viral 6/22/19: NBA Draftee Obsessed With Sideshow Bob, One-Note Characters Get Their Due, and More!

The girls are old enough to read the newspapers.

Earlier this week, the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery went underway and the New Orleans Pelicans made out like bandits picking up key players like Zion Williamson and noted Sideshow Bob fanatic Jaxson Hayes out of Texas. That’s right, turns out, turns out Jaxson is told he bears a striking resemblance to the criminal mastermind voiced by Kelsey Grammar and usually checks in once a season with a new appearance. Check out the player’s Instagram, Twitter, and even his wardrobe worn to the draft, and you can tell Jaxson’s a die-hard fan. Hey, if Jaxson needs any ideas to drive his fandom further, maybe he would be interested in a stopover at San Diego Comic-Con where they have a Chuck Jones gallery that will see The Simpsons and of course the Funko booth which has a whole bunch of Funko exclusives going down.

Speaking of characters that aren’t considered regulars, a Twitter thread went viral with fans telling everyone who their favorite “one-joke” characters during the course of the show’s 600 episodes. A lot of these characters barely even have names, but the punch lines being featured clearly shows that most, if not all, writing from the show is still very much relevant despite being on the air for 30 seasons. Les, we forget, about last year’s viral sensation the “Steamed Hams” bit (pictured above) which was from an episode from the early nineties.

The Simpsons returns this Fall for FOX, let’s see how many more characters fans will soon obsess over.

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