The Anime World Stunned By Terrorist Attack At Kyoto Animation

Details are still pouring in.

Kyoto Animation, the well-known anime producers behind such series as Full Metal Alchemist, Free!, and countless other productions was on the receiving end of a heartless terrorist attack earlier today. The death toll is being updated as we speak, but it’s believed that there have been 30 confirmed deaths and close to 40 confirmed injuries after a man screaming “You die!” ran into the animation studio and subsequently set it on fire causing all of the mayhem.

The 41 year old-man that caused the fire is said to be alive and in critical condition with witnesses saying that he was accusing someone of stealing something from him despite the fact that the man was not, in fact, employed in the building. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched with fans already providing an outpouring of support having raised nearly all of the $500,000 fund being asked for at the time of this writing.

We here at Bubbleblabber send our deepest thoughts and condolences to all affected and hope the full force of local Japanese law is enforced as a result of this shocking turn of events.

[h/t: AP]

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