TBS’ “Tarantula” To Premiere Next Monday

Christmas is coming early!

Show creator Carson Mell has casually announced the premiere date for his brand-new animated series Tarantula and it’s really soon…

Like next Monday, soon. That’s right, Tarantula will premiere next Monday, however, it’s not known in what fashion. Local listings for NYC show just a normal lineup for TBS, however, the network has been known to put entire first seasons of new series onDemand early ahead of television premiere, but that’s just conjecture at this juncture.

Update 11/30: We now know that four episodes will air starting next Monday Night on TBS @ 10 pm ET/PT, with two premiering next Monday on December 4th, and then two more premiering on December 11th at the exact same time. 

Update 12/3: Turns out we were correct with our initial assumption. The entire first season of Tarantula will be streamed on the TBS App and TBS.com starting 12/3

The new animated comedy, Tarantula, is from producers Danny McBride, Jody Hill, Brandon James, and David Gordon Green with studios Rough House Productions and Studio T. The show’s creator, Carson Mell, has noted that 10 x 30 episodes are slated to come on Monday. Rough Draft Studios is handling the animation for Tarantula. 

Prime-time animated series Tarantula revolves around the residents of the Tierra Chula Resident Hotel (aka “The Tarantula”). It centers on Echo Johnson, a respected but uncertified tattoo artist who delivers absurd yet introspective monologues. Echo’s poetic ramblings spin tales of misadventures with the other residents, as they partake in party crashing, dumpster diving and other socially dubious acts of mischief.

Update 11/29: Carson Mell has further announced that the first two episodes of Tarantula will stream on Youtube this Sunday.


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