“South Park” Teases New Season With #CancelSouthPark Promotion

Here we go!

The 22nd season of South Park is weeks away and already Comedy Central is teasing the future of the franchise…albeit in a slightly different way. All of a sudden, #cancelSouthPark has been popping up despite the fact that the show has already been renewed for a 23rd season and judging from some of the people responding on Twitter, they seem to be just fine with that.

Animated series, “South Park,” created by comic geniuses Trey Parker and Matt Stone, features the breathtakingly irreverent and ruthlessly funny misadventures of four foul-mouthed, troublemaking young boys in a small town nestled in the Colorado Rockies. It has been praised by the prestigious Peabody® committee as “COMEDY CENTRAL’s notoriously rude, undeniably fearless lampoon of all that is self-important and hypocritical in American life, regardless of race, creed, color or celebrity status.”

“South Park” continues to surprise even its most devoted fans each and every week. Known for its unbelievably immediate and ruthless responses to world events, “South Park’s” new episodes bring up-to-the-minute news and pop culture icons (including Al Gore, J. Lo, Kanye West, Oprah, Sir Elton John, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and P. Diddy) to the town of South Park for social commentary and good old-fashioned ridicule.

New season premieres September 26th @ 10 pm ET/PT, with an eight-day marathon preceding the new season, check your local listings.



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