Sony Pictures Animation Getting Serious About Adult Animation

Sony Pictures arrived at a very busy Annecy and must be leaving feeling pretty good about all the bombs they dropped.

Along with officially confirming the return of The Boondocks, Sony reaffirmed that the long-awaited Stoopid Buddy Stoodios half-hour hybrid claymation/live-action series (originally it was being developed as a film, but is now being turned into a series) Superbago is still in the works. The series is being pitched as being about superheroes who travel around fighting crime in their RV right here in the United States. Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky was on hand to tease his R-rated animated feature Fixed about a dog who wants to hook up with the neighbor’s dog only to find out that he’s being neutered the next morning. Last, but not least, the spirit of Anthony Bourdain is still with us as an animated adaptation of the mature graphic novel Hungry Ghosts is on the way, being worked on as an anthology series featuring chefs coming up with scary stories to try and creep each other out.

With promises of herding talent from all over the globe via Poland, China, Brazil, and a number of other countries, Sony could be planting it’s flag as the Pixar of adult animation sooner rather than later.


John Schwarz

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