Six Adult Animated Series That Pay Homage To Classic Cartoons

To be creative one must have influences. Cartoon creators often pay homage to other animated works that they admire; luckily, they have an expansive and fun medium to pay such tributes. Here are a few examples we love.

Archer had Bob’s Burgers­-related Amnesia

Archer’s fourth season kicked off with the episode “Fugues and Riffs.” It started differently than previous seasons and found Sterling Archer in a strange place, wearing a mysterious, yet comely mustache. While the setting was unfamiliar to him, fans of Bob’s Burgers recognized it as the iconic restaurant from one of their favorite shows. Because of spy-related amnesia, Archer believed he was Bob Belcher, husband to Linda, and stepfather to Gene, Louise, and (inaudible mumble). This was a meta-reference to H. Jon Benjamin, the voice actor for both Bob and Archer. John Roberts, who voices Linda, added to the fun by guest starring as a variation on his doting wife/mother character. The children, unfortunately, did not speak.


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