Shorts Review: Sanity Not Included Season 4 Episode 2


Spoilers Below

Well, I suppose I’ll write my review. I was going to make something to eat, but the kitchen is currently occupied by my old lady. Not that my girl & I can’t both fit and cook in the room simultaneously, we can. It’s just that she fancies the addition of pepper to numerous dishes, especially eggs, which she is making now. I’m not a pepper fan, myself. I don’t particularly dislike it, but – for instance – I have never found myself adding extra to anything, or getting fresh-ground pepper twisted onto any of my food while dining out. (You dig?) But the real issue here is that she uses so much pepper that the air becomes saturated with it. I don’t know how she stands it; I can’t even be in the room. If I try, as soon as I enter I can feel it choke my lungs and sting my eyeballs, like that time I accidentally walked into the middle of a rowdy Occupy Wall Street protest on the way to work.

Bah, anyway, on to the review. Highlights of Season 4,

Episode 2 of Sanity Not Included included: the sounds Aleks and Dex make after their last fish pun, & the sounds the ambushed soldiers made when they were killed (whoa, that’s a heavy sentence, let me assure you, it’s way less disturbing than how it sounded just now.) The choice- selection scene (prior to the actual choice part) was funny as well. As much as I disapprove of their excessive use of gay references, the little gay voice in the “Stop Moving!” segment was definitely humorous too.

Criticisms? Yeah, I got a few. I’m honestly not a huge fan of the aforementioned “Click Your Choice” option in this episode, and in the series as a whole. This is odd, considering I was a big fan of the Choose Your Adventure books as a kid. And I went all-in with those books; I didn’t hold my finger on the previous page or nothin’. In this show’s case, however, none of the option clips are ever very funny, and usually you have to watch an ad before each one because they are separate videos. If I were you, I’d just skip them and go on living my life.

The Froggy G rap was pretty lame too. Corny lyrics, and a lame game to go with it. Maybe I’m being a bit hard on the show, because I actually do enjoy it. I think it may have to do with the drop-off this show has had since the first season. Those first dozen episodes were side-splittingly hilarious. I laughed so hard and loud that the Ol’ Ball & Chain came running into the room to see what all the commotion was, and got hooked herself after just one episode.

But then the writing quality slowly began to drop as the second season progressed. Unfortunately, this wasn’t just a sophomore slump, and the decline continued into the next season. Though I gave a favorable review to last week’s Season 4 debut, this one was a step down compared to that. And when an episode of SNL flops, I get extra irritated because I think of the good ol’ days.

Whatever the reason, most of the jokes just didn’t do it for me this week. Now it’ll be up to the third episode to tell which direction this season of Sanity Not Included is truly headed.


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