See ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Get the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Treatment

Bob of Thrones 1

One thing we at BubbleBlabber feature a lot of, are famous faces drawn as Simpsons characters. And we’re not the only people that love this art. Hell, aleXsandro Palombo makes a living out of it.

But now Bob’s Burgers is getting in on the action.

Imgur artist CarlosDanger101 gets the credit here, as he impressively sketched almost the entire cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones as if they were characters from the FOX animated comedy. I’m not a fan of GoT, but from what I can gather, there’s a lot of thought and accuracy involved in these illustrations. The artist said it took about a month, and boy was it worth the wait.

Those interested in buying prints of CarlosDanger101’s work can do so here.

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