Season Review: Mr. Pickles Season Three

It’s raining cats and gods this Easter…here’s how doggone review of Mr. Pickles Season Three.

The term reboot is thrown around a bunch these days, and while it’s not 100% true in the case of Mr. Pickles, there’s no denying show creators Dave Stewart and Will Carsola and writer Sean Conroy (the uncelebrated but just as vital third stooge of THIS crew) decided to manufacture quite the refresh for the third season of Mr. Pickles. 

Right from the get-go with the season’s premiere, fans knew this was going to be a different attack. Most of the show’s episodes did away with the traditional opening intro and eventually, we probably saw the final run of Astronaut Dolphin Detective. In their place was a season that provided for more methodical attacks provided by the titular character’s mystique than what has ever been delivered in the franchise’s history. Gone were the days of the old episodic recipes with the following ingredients:

  1. Intro characters
  2. Create conflict
  3. Mr. Pickles saves the day
  4. Grandpa gets screwed over somehow

And in it, we got all sorts of goodies to snack on in terms of expanding the universe of Mr. Pickles. The casualty was certainly spending time with Stanley and his office co-workers, but we gained a hell of a lot more with a Cops parody, the introduction of a cavalcade of characters at Tommy’s new school, and the “holy shit” expression that came over my face for the show’s finale when we sent Grandpa to jail. Hell, we even got to see Beverly Goodman shed her usually calm demeanor in exchange for a superhero hell bent on saving her kids.

This is a pinnacle season of Mr. Pickles boys and girls, one that appears to have exciting repercussions for the show’s future as we stare down its already announced fourth season. Wanna know how impressive THAT is? Rick and Morty doesn’t even have its fourth season announced and that show wrapped Fall of 2017!

And quite frankly, Adult Swim deserves a bunch of kudos for that last bit. There appears to be a positive relationship between network and producers which is a luxury that most networks don’t give their producers.


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