Season Review: Corner Gas Animated Season One

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The rumours of a Corner Gas animated television show floated around for ages. With a limited amount of a information being leaked it was easier to assume that the show had gone the way of so many before it, and would never see the light of day. However, with Corner Gas being the most popular television show to ever come out of the great white north there was still much hope. Sure enough, as things were starting to look bleak for the citizens of Dog River, we got our announcement and the show was airing within weeks.

I was quite skeptical of an animated revamp of this quirky television show at first. The original series worked on a formula that didn’t require many settings, additional characters, or adventure. Actually, it didn’t require much of anything to work. An animated version seemed unnecessary as the beauty of animation offers you the freedom to put as many characters in as many settings as you can imagine for a fraction of the cost and effort to make a live-action television show.

Much to my own surprise, even after the first episode, the animated formula really works for this concept. In the case of characters like Brent, Wanda, or Hank, there is a lot of day daydreaming and fantastic jokes conceived. The animation has opened the doors and allowed the humour to be visualized. Some of my favorite moments that came from these jokes included a cameo from Sarah McLachlan and a Sharknado rip-off called ‘Hippothermea’.

One of the other reasons why the animated series works well for Corner Gas is the aging cast. Unfortunately, actors don’t stay the same forever, unless you’re Keanu Reeves. Corner Gas Animated allows the characters to stay as we remember them. There has even been done questions regarding continuity and where this show fits in with everything. And, I would believe it is safe to assume that the animated series fits somewhere in the later years of the original series. Before characters move on with bigger life choices, but long after Lacey has established herself in Dog River.

Needless to say, I have been a fan. Though I do have one gripe, and I have mentioned it in my reviews throughout the season. I’ll preface this by saying that it is amazing that they were able to assemble the original cast. They built the show, the fan base, and they deserve to be here to continue it further. But, incorporating a starring role for eight characters in each and every episode is a tad overkill. Some of the episodes suffered from needless additions of plots that only seemed to be there so that each character would have a part to play. It just did not work for an animated program that should have a story progressing quickly to keep viewers attention.

Besides the one gripe, I carried the show continued to impress me. Week after week they were able to release fresh stories that were true to the show, but with a modern touch. Right from the first episode, they were able to bring us back to Dog River like we had never missed a beat. And, viewers agreed as the premiere ended up being the most watched in Comedy Networks history. The entire season was a complete success and it is so great to see as a fan of the original and as a Canadian. Now, we can get ready for another great season!


Jesse Bereta

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