SDCC2019 Recap: Disney-FOX Touts “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, And More

Did FOX win Comic-Con?

The only real Marvel Animated TV bit I truly cared about was Jeffrey Wright set to play “The Watcher” for the Marvel What If? series coming to Disney+ in 2021 that will see voices from the Marvel MCU reprise their roles in an “Elseworlds” type of animated universe where villains could be heroes, heroes could be villains and everything in between. I expect this to change next year with Hulu’s quadra of animated adult comedies currently in production. Until then, Disney-FOX has trotted out the likes of American Dad, The Simpsons, and Family Guy, all of which had big news to share. Let’s start with the bastard step-child of the group, American Dad.

American Dad is getting ready to wrap its season by the time Fall rolls around, however, the show has already been renewed for a 17th season which, as of this writing, hasn’t gotten a premiere date yet (the producers say, Winter). In any event, cast and crew from the show were on hand to not only showcase clips but also to announce a brand-new American Dad mobile game now in the works called American Dad: Apocalypse Soon set to release in October for iOS and Android. The game is being described as a cross between a battle game and Sims according to show EP Matt Weitzman. The cast even acted out a Star Wars: A New Hope scene but I kinda zoned out here, however, fans should be delighted to know that The Weeknd will guest star in an upcoming episode.

Next, let’s talk about Family Guy. The eighteenth season is on the way and Sir Alec Sulkin hosted the panel featuring cast and crew like Alex Borstein, Seth MacFarlane, and others, and not only did we get the always hilarious sizzle trailers for the upcoming season (this one, that you can see below, has a GREAT Beavis and Butthead gag), but as expected Seth got his yearly “Where is the movie?” question out of the way. Cast members Alex Borstein and Mike Henry did a live rendition of “Shallow” (Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper) but in Herbert and Lois’ voices which was just sensational.




Courtesy: FOX

This year we got to see new dad to twins Matt Groening, husband and wife duo Al Jean and Stephanie Gillis, Yeardley Smith (“Lisa”) and animator Mike Anderson.

There was a ton of big news out of camp The Simpsons this week even on the back of Bob Odenkirk and Jason Momoa as guest stars. We can also tell you that Zach Woods (Silicon Valley) will appear in an upcoming episode of the show’s 31st season along with John Mulaney. The 666th episode of The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror XXX episode got showcased a bit with some send-ups to Stranger Things that I’ll never understand because I don’t watch that show, but I was even MORE excited that the 19th season of The Simpsons will release on DVD on December 3rd.

During the Q&A, we heard questions regarding the possibility of a second iteration of The Simpsons Movie (probably not anytime soon) and whether or not Futurama will come back (again, not anytime soon). Fortunately, Matt Groening’s Disenchantment has ten new episodes dropping this fall so that’s a good thing, right? As for the DVD, the cover art has been revealed and we learned that there will be episode commentaries on all episodes with a special intro from Matt Groening to go along as well.



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