SDCC2018: “Archer” Panel Recap

This show isn’t going down without a fight.


For the show’s tenth season of eight episodes, Archer is going to space-space-space-space! Yep, known as Archer:1999, the upcoming season will see the entire cast and crew of Archer become astronauts in the year 1999. In the ensuing clips, you’ll see producer Matt Thompson reveal the different alterations that the principle cast of Archer will play in a season that producer Casey Willis seems to imply that there will be some sort of finality to the show this season. Whether or not that means this truly is the end of FX’s longest running animated franchise (also there’s been talk of a movie being live-action which has “terrible” written all over it) still seems to be in a state of flux, but here’s a bunch of clips to hold you over until Archer: 1999 premieres, which, will probably be a while as they literally just started pre-production a couple of weeks ago.

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