RT Animation Update: Nomad Taking Off, Camp Camp Taking Over

The Rooster Giveth, The Rooster Taketh Away

Still, in the midst of celebrating Fifteen Friggin Years, Rooster Teeth Animation is giving Nomad a break after it reaches the halfway point of the season sometime today. A shame, seeing how I was just beginning to warm up to it, but the crew promises the mid-season finale should give us plenty to hold us over until the journey resumes this summer. Given the show’s constant but varying delays, this is probably just what the doctor ordered as the cast and crew further polish the final product to ensure the debut season ends on a more or less confident note.

But fans of the site’s content won’t have to wait very long for more…as long as you don’t consider five weeks to be very long. But once that’s over, you can look forward to yet another trip to Camp Campbell as the third season of Camp Camp begins on May 25th. And to further build the hype, the much-anticipated home release of the first two seasons on DVD and Blu-Ray will release just days before on May 22nd.

In the meantime, there’s the recently started 16th season of Red vs. Blue to enjoy, as well as the upcoming home release of RWBY Vol. 5, the return of RWBY CHIBI, and whatever news about Gen:Lock we can scrounge up in the meantime. Click here for the update and stay tuned for further developments!

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