And Nomad is Nowhere to be seen.

While house that RVB built is still gliding on the mostly good reception from the premiere of gen:LOCK, Head of Programming Evan Bergman released a post revealing the company’s upcoming shows, including returning animation.

Coinciding with the final episodes of gen:LOCK’s first season is the return of Red vs. Blue in its seventeenth season on March 9th, continuing the universe-shattering events of last year’s “The Shizno Paradox”. However, the episode count has once again been slashed from the typical 19 and last year’s 16 to only 12, meaning this will be the shortest regular season yet. Hopefully, this is due to the episodes themselves being longer than normal, but this may simply be more signs of the show slowly coming to an end.

The other notable animation announcement is the fourth season of Camp Camp, which has a 50% INCREASE in episodes from the usual 12 episodes to 18. This will take the season into October, which will likely be followed by the next season of RWBY later in the month.

Though what’re ironically most noticeable in this announcement are the shows that are missing. Specifically, RWBY Chibi and Nomad of Nowhere. Chibi’s last season ended quite abruptly and without warning despite hints of new characters, but it’s been known to show up in mid-May at the latest, so its absence is odd. Nomad’s is too, but not that surprising, given its lukewarm reception, production stumbles and damaging four-month hiatus. I can’t begin to assume the allocation of budget over there, but I would guess that the amount of money going into gen:LOCK may have had at least some impact on these lesser shows, though that’s just speculation from my limited perspective.

Regardless, be sure to stick with us to find out more updates on Rooster Teeth animation. Check out the announcement post HERE and our review of the first two episodes of gen:LOCK over HERE.

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