RIP Yahoo View


Yahoo View was Yahoo’s attempt at making a Youtube competitor only to end up as sort of a second portal to Hulu which gave easier access to the streaming service’s rather large content library of adult animation and anime. If you never heard of it, it appears you weren’t the only one because Yahoo is planning on closing Yahoo View starting June 30th.

There was a time when Yahoo was THE search engine you went to and was also the first post-AOL home for hosted email for the people that didn’t subscribe to America Online. Since then, Google has taken away both of those businesses from Yahoo and now the one time web giant is just a landing page for Verizon who probably will have no inclination to do anything else with it other than email and news aggregation. The streaming platform at one time was known as Yahoo Screen which actually had some decent original series, but they just couldn’t get the advertising to keep any of it going.



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