Spoilers In This Bitch

I see where they were going here. I appreciate it on a creative level. I see the homages and I respect the diverse voice choices. I just don’t like it.

I want to like it. I like Carl-centric episodes. I just can’t convince myself to like this. I think at this point the ‘stumbled upon a strange group of creatures’ plots have run their course. I mean, I didn’t like the Banana Planet episode either, for this exact same reason.

Plot here is that Carl buys a storage locker, finds mystical world within, and then sells everything inside he can – at the expense of it’s inhabitants.

There were a few lines that I may have cracked a smile for, but mostly I was just kind of waiting for it to end.

Aqua is one of my favorite shows so it pains me when I just don’t see eye to eye with an episode, but it’s bound to happen here and there. Maybe it’s time to focus on less characters per episode and work on the nuances of just one or two – fleshing them out more than one episode at a time. Whens the last time we met a new character that stuck around via Mooninites or MC Pee Pants reincarnations? Is that era gone?



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