Overview (Spoilers Below)

Darby gets everyone in the zoo a robotic counterpart that mirrors the personalities of their respective owners which quickly causes an uprising by the bots to potentially take over. Fortunately, Hudson Bot becomes the lone alter ego to actually take the side of the “fleshies” and saves everyone from certain torture. Darby destroys the Hudson Bot and opts to get everyone bean bags instead.

Our Take

The only real problem I had with this week’s episode is that I wish it had aired further into the season this way we could’ve invested more time with the characters and get to know their tendencies better so as to be better invested in the robots and their mannerisms, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s episode of Wild Life. Case in point, while we’ve known Hudson to be a bit of on an outcast or outsider, we didn’t really know how severe his loneliness was until this episode. Further investing time into developing the character could’ve potentially had us root more for the outcome of the actual climax, in addition to other arcs like Glenn’s love life, Darby’s tendency to not give a shit, etc.

The quick and dirty animation is perfect for this series and Octopie Studios is coming up as a respectable studio as they get more and more projects on television. They’ve been in the news a lot, and continue to shepherd a bunch of different styles that could help them become a formidable LA-based outfit for years to come.



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