Review: We Bare Bears “I Am Ice Bear”

“Down with Ice-B!”

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

The episode kicks off when Panda making an internet slideshow with all of them as Brothers to celebrate “Sibling Day” but decides to carve on a tree as they need one more photo to complete it, As they try to carve a random tree into a totem pole of sorts to commemorate the event, until a random mishap occurs involving a wooden-mallet to the face and then the unthinkable happens… Ice Bear behaves out of character from a simple “bonk to the head” incident which gives him a change of personality which in numerous ways are completely the opposite & outside of what we’re used to if you’ve watched the show long enough.

The rest of the episode is spent on showing the series of changes to Ice Bear which all seem drastic yet hilarious at first, but become unsettling when Ice Bear’s personality becomes more like a popular Frat-Boy who starts calling himself “Ice-B” and later on attempts to chop down the tree, they carved earlier. Upon being confronted by the Grizz & Panda, this new persona doesn’t even regard the two as actual brothers due to all 3 of them being “different species of Bears”.

Ice-B decides to move out, with two other dude-bro’s, but out of desperation, Grizz & Panda believe another Bonk to the head will undo this Ice-B persona once and for all which leads to a funny montage but when they finally get the chance, Panda doesn’t have it in him to crowbar him in in the face yet, everything is back to normal as the result of Ice-B’s attempt to cut down the tree earlier sort-of becomes his own undoing, but the episode ends on an unexpected yet fun note when they manage to get one last picture for the slide-show with Ice Bear back to normal.

Our Take

While the episode was a little predictable with the “personality change/amnesia” storyline we’ve seen in many tv shows & cartoons with similar cliche storylines, It effectively worked for those who know Ice Bear enough to make us realize how wrong it feels and Demetri Martin nails it in his performance while showing his range.

As we all know, Ice Bear is quiet & monotone-yet deeply caring for the people in his life with a plethora of skills such as martial arts, cooking and his use of an ax just to name a few. So seeing him as the complete opposite of himself, while funny & predictable in terms of structure, excelled in making us appreciate Ice Bear even more compared to this “Ice-B” moniker this opposite persona created.