Review: We Bare Bears “Christmas Movies”


And just like…the movies.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The baby bears are working at Last Weekend Video when a thief comes in to try and steal all of the movies but the bears are able to talk him out of it and instead get him a job as the store Santa.

Our Take

What a great way to probably finish off the year for We Bare Bears. A tale where the producers get to showcase their love affairs with all of the classic Christmas movies of yesteryear all the while putting together a baby bear adventure that should be seen by everyone. David Hornsby made an excellent thief, and the baby bears are always hilarious even when they are not trying to be. I couldn’t help but notice how good the musical direction has been as of late. Licensed music in a kids series? It’s not very often that it works, but the producers of We Bare Bears make it work to perfection. It’s kinda hard to find a flaw in this special episode except for the fact that I wish they were allowed a 30-minute runtime.


John Schwarz

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