Review: We Bare Bears “Charlie’s Halloween Thing”

Halloween comes early!

This very special episode is actually two short scary stories built around the WBB universe along the lines of Tales from the Crypt only this time it’s the Bigfoot Charlie (Voiced by Jason Lee) as the host and a framing device telling them.

Story 1.

The Bears get the mail Bear plush toys that look eerily identical to them complete with the “Build a Bear” gimmick of “putting your essence in the heart of the bear” but they slowly begin to behave more like a bunch of Chucky Dolls than a plush toy as the story progresses.

Story 2.

Chloe Slowly transforms into a Were-Bear creature after accidentally being bitten by Grizz which starts to hilariously follow the same beats of 80’s Teen Wolf film, That is until the aggressive animal instincts start to take over…

Our Take.

The music in the opening excellently used 80’s synth to give it the right atmospheric mood for Halloween stories and balanced it with a level of creepiness while keeping it tame. I found myself laughing more at Build-a-Bear Plush story than the Chloe “Werebear” plot and Charlie as the framing device built around these storylines as the host was equally entertaining even if he wasn’t in the episode that long.


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