Review: We Bare Bears “Adopted” ; “Wingmen” ; “Braces”

We knock out all the Bears of the week!

Overview (Spoilers Below)


The bears decide to auction themselves off to the highest bidder which in this case is a guy named Charles who picks up the kids for $10 mil. Unfortunately, we soon find out that the bears were bought just to be Carl the Gorilla’s toys, actually, he only keeps Pan-Pan. Ice Bear and Grizz gotta break into the mansion and save their brother before the panda gets squashed. Carl the Gorilla doesn’t oblige and goes all King Kong with Pan-Pan until Grizz makes the save via air. After a bit, Charles makes the right move and lets the bears leave.


There’s a lonely bird keeping the bears awake and so they decide to help him out. The guys try a few methods but eventually settle on throwing a party which works like a charm in getting another bird of the same species to come by. After a few instructional dances, both of the birds end up together which allows the bears to get some sleep.


Pan-Pan gets new powers that allow him to control electricity thanks to his new braces. Eventually, Pan-Pan turns into a Magneto-esque villain that’s able to fly and with thoughts of world domination. Ice Bear and Grizz are a bit perturbed by their’ brothers’ new-found powers so opt to remove Panda’s headgear to try and stop him, but Pan’s powers get so strong that proves to be harder than it sounds. Eventually, the guys talk Pan-Pan down from his power trip and bring him to the doctor’s office.

Our Take

We Bare Bears spur up a flurry of episodes, each taking the show to new levels of great. “Adopted” might be one of the best episodes of all-time, an obvious take on the classic King Kong, the baby bears continue to make cute every scene that they are a part of. “Wingmen” was probably a tad more typical for the bears, someone in need looking for help so they team up to do just that, but “Braces” was another super strong series and a highlight for Bobby Moynihan who really was the best choice to lead this episode and it showcased as he had to exhibit range that he typically doesn’t have to use for this show. Clearly the show’s love letter to anime or the X-Men, “Braces” had seriously nuts-looking special effects and a hilarious ending to boot. Aside from Steven Universe, We Bare Bears is definitely one of the best shows on Cartoon Network today and the producers continue to expand the limits of what they can do to make sure this show is a quality 12 minutes every night.


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