Review: We Baby Bears “Fiesta Day/Baby Yaga House”

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Fiesta Day

The Bears party it up with living piñatas for Fiesta Day. However, Grizz never wants the festivities to end, so he wishes to celebrate Fiesta Day every day.

Baby Yaga House

Squatter Otter tries to win Panda’s trust and convinces the Bears to live in a mysterious house.

Our Take:

Its first episode, “Fiesta Day”, shows that a party is worthy enough to distract us from the freezing weather. That is until we celebrate it every day. After arriving in the desert, the bears find themselves celebrating a Mexican holiday called Fiesta Day with a group of piñatas. Grizz enjoys the party so much that he uses a wishing well to wish that he and his friends can party every day. But, unfortunately, his wish traps the bears in the time loop, forcing Grizz to undo this curse.  

The best way to describe this episode was Groundhog Day, with a Mexican essence thrown in for flavor. Along with its amusing jokes, including the alligator piñatas attacking Grizz blindfolded, the episode offered an entertaining storyline that teaches Grizz the importance of people’s lives outside of partying. While it didn’t deliver anything too special to its time-loop formula, it’s a party that’s worth celebrating.

The second episode, “Baby Yaga House”, sees the bears reuniting with Squatter Otter after escaping from the wolves. Despite their previous quarrel, Otter helps the bears find a place to live. However, they find a mysterious house that turns out to be a Baba Yaga house that traps Grizz and Ice Bear and is looking for its baby.

This episode sees Panda and Squatter Otter putting aside their differences to save Panda’s brothers and reunite the baby with its mother despite Otter’s previous antics almost getting the bears killed. It showcases a thoughtful message about second chances amid its comedic house hunt. This episode was also my first encounter with the show’s new supporting character, Squatter Otter, since I didn’t see him in one of its previous episodes. All I can say about him is that he’s a suitable addition to the cast, even though he didn’t reach the same likability as the supporting characters from We Bare Bears.

Overall, both episodes continue the show’s respectable track record with ease. “Fiesta Day” is an enjoyable party worth celebrating despite its formula. “Baby Yaga House” delivers a pleasant reunion between the bears and Squatter Otter while also providing an amusing match-up between the characters and a house-like chicken. These storylines, along with the animation and humor, are the things that I wouldn’t mind watching over and over again. Although, I wouldn’t invite the Baba Yaga to watch them with me.

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