But what’s the true meaning of “power”?

Spoilers Below

Wally gets to borrow his dad’s “Power Tie”, but he loses it to Bobgoblin who begins to terrorize the entire forest with it leaving Wally to have to team up with his dad to stop him. Along the way, we learn all about words with “fl” like “fly”, “float”, and “flowers” to help us get the tie back.

Our Take

In the two episodes that aired this week that were brand-new, I couldn’t help but notice and begin to dislike the fact that every time Wally asks a question to the viewing audience, the answer always ends in a “yes” with the lone exception being when he’s looking for help in sounding words out. While positive reinforcement is helpful, I do think that throwing a few “No’s” in there will help keep the lessons honest and with a bit more variety.

In this particular episode, I wasn’t a fan of some of the possible undertones that could come by way of a “power tie”. Even with gender norms blurring, the episode is utilizing a men’s tie as a symbol of “power” which I think could teach children that people who do not wear men’s ties, especially women, as not having power. Also, the concept of power is constantly being denoted as having just physical strength attributes, and I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more variety when it comes to explaining the meaning of the word power such as mental and psyche strength.



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