Review: Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors “Contest of Champions” (Part 2)”


Spoilers Below

Cap, Rulk, Iron Fist, and yes Spider-Man take on Sandman, Blastaar, and Ymir in round one of Part 2 for the Contest of Champions match up between The Grandmaster and The Collector. The game? Capture the Flag, plus The Grandmaster is starting to fuck around with the environment some. Spider-Mans out and into the next round that features him, Black Widow, Skaar, and Power Man versus Doc Ock, Absorbing Man, and  Zzzax in a Last Man Standing Match. In the final round, both The Collector and The Grandmaster mess around with the environment which now includes meteors falling, raging floods with sharks, and the use of hostages as pawns. This time Spider-Man wins out with the help of Black Widow all the while having to save Aunt May. Spider-Man moves on to the next round.

Our Take

Doc Ock is still the most ludicrous character design in the history of animation. I mean, it’s not even close, neither. In any case, this week’s episodes featured a heck of a lot of Hulk characters including Red Hulk, Skaar, Blastaar (although technically a FF villain, he appears in the Agents of SMASH series quite a bit), and Zzzax which I think was rather interesting. But, in all this, it is lost that Captain America is a giant bitch in this universe, not even capable of lasting half a round. That’s right, the First Avenger? Is a big ol’ bitch that the producers of this show have pretty much turned into, at best, a 3rd stringer.

Also, how come all of the heroes, are just ‘punchy’ heroes? No one has any powers like the villains do, instead everyone’s just mashing shit. In any case, I really enjoyed the different environments, the Lava was cool, but my favorite was seeing Manhattan flooded with sharks and Skaar using the sharks as baseball bats. I kind of with the Hulk characters got more at-bats, but overall, this week’s episode was OK.


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