Does Marge call him “Homie” as a cute nickname, or are they just super tight friends?


Marge’s Aunt is passing away which means that she has to leave Homer in charge of the house.  The most important thing she needs from him is to hold off on watching the latest episodes of “Odder Things”.  Between his own desires and pressure to keep up on pop culture references at work he succumbs and watches it without her.  Of course, she finds out and gets angry which gives Homer worse nightmares than the show itself.  He dedicates himself to learning to dance to make it up to her.

Our Take:

It’s been quiet on The Simpsons front for a few weeks.  Which is pretty typical for January-February award season and Super Bowl.  Just recently it was announced that The Simpsons has been picked up for another two seasons, to take them to at least 32 years – this show will never end!  Needless to say, we’ve been excited about some fresh episodes.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what more could we expect than a sweet little love story from our favourite animated family?  And, like any good love story you need some adversity.  As far as adversity goes, pissing off your wife by watching your show without her is a sure fire.  The scene in this episode where Marge is forcing to Homer sit in his shame with her cold-as-ice heart is all too familiar to any guy that has upset his partner.  Yeah, that one hit home for me.  Though this is not the first time Homer has been in the dog house, it was portrayed well in this instance.  But, there is a comfort in knowing that these two always work it out.

This did bring up the question, does Marge call Homer “Homie” as a cute little nickname, or are they just super tight friends?

We have seen Homer pull off some pretty romantic moves throughout these 30 years.  Secretly learning to dance so that he can swoon his wife off her feet is near the top of his heartfelt moves.  Even Lisa is quoted in this episode as calling this “the most important moment in their parent’s lives.”  Which may be overboard considering they have been married a couple of times and have three children together, but she said it, not me.  Though, it is a good point that rekindling your love makes every moment you share with your partner as the most important.

There was a side story in this episode featuring Bart trying out for a Krusty contest where he is pitted against Milhouse and Ralph in a race to collect toys at a toy store.  It’s a small piece, with not much behind it.  I don’t really understand why it is a part of the plot other than to fill out some time and give Bart and Lisa some extra screen time.

When it comes to adult animated sitcoms, The Simpsons is the emperor of heartfelt and romantic.  Thirty seasons in and there are still these adorable moments that are as honest as ever.  Marge and Homer’s relationship is goals.  They have been through it all, and then some, and they stick together no matter what and still find ways to be extra loving to each other.  With Valentine’s coming this was a potent and relevant episode that is The Simpsons to the core.  What is not to love?


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