Overview (Spoilers):

As Maggie starts preschool, Marge suddenly finds herself with an abundant amount of time on her hands. 

On a whim, she decides to apply for a new job, yet she only finds out after she gains the offer that it is a cannabis shop. Some prompting from her family leads Marge to take on the gig. And soon, she discovers how much she enjoys helping people.  

Meanwhile, Homer sees an opportunity to open his own cannabis shop where customers can get an old school experience. Faux 20, ends up being prosperous. Enough so that it costs Marge a promotion with the competition. She may have to play dirty if she wants to keep her job.


Our Take:

The world has drastically changed since the last episode of The Simpsons aired. With all this disease and death flying around, things are about as different within one week as the thirty-something years since The Simpsons premiered. Well, gas prices are about the same now.  

Meanwhile, all the quarantined and self-isolated are most likely rejoicing for Animation Domination. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Netflix already. A fresh episode of The Simpsons is always welcome, especially when the world is falling apart outside. So, hopefully, this is an episode that will remind some of us of the glory that once was The Simpsons.

A lot of people are putting this virus up as another Simpsons prediction to add to the list. But, we need to be honest with ourselves: we all knew this was coming. The best thing we can do is stay safe and do our part. However, the power of Simpson predictions is undeniably strong, as we all know. And, they have done it again. Like they predicted that the world would need to chill out this Sunday, this episode is all about cannabis.

If you ever wanted to see America’s Mom Marge Simpson get high, then you are in luck. Marge takes a dose of THC and goes off the deep end in one of her funniest scenes in ages. Not only her, but it also seems as if the entire township of Springfield has gotten on board for recreational pot. And, former Heavy Weight Champion Mike Tyson is their supplier at his shop the Well + Good, where Marge gets employed. Everyone from Chalmers to Agnus Skinner is getting high in their spare time. Never mind Krusty, who is capitalizing on the jump in munchies. His commercial for Krusty’s Munchie Mouthfuls is the best 30 seconds of the season.

Some notable guest stars make join in on the fun as well. Chelsea Peretti and Billy Porter join Marge at the Well + GoodAlso, pop culture icon Kevin Smith makes his animated appearance. Though he is limited to one line, I do look forward to him recounting the tale on one of his multiple podcasts and presentations. I have no doubt Kevin Smith will let us know exactly what the process is for being a guest voice on The Simpsons, even if it is one line.

If the weight of the world is getting you down and you’re going crazy with boredom because of isolation, this is the cure. Roll up a nice doob and watch this latest episode of The Simpsons. Not only will it calm your stress, but you will also have the comfort of one of every one’s all-time favourite shows. This one even follows the classic story of Marge getting a new job and Homer screwing that up for her in one way or another. But, when it is delivered on a topic like cannabis at least, they have more material than last seasons Tupperware episode.

It’s worth watching what else are you going to do? You can’t go anywhere.


Jesse Bereta

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