The season finale aired immediately after the previous episode, which left us with a big “What?!” after Piggy admitted her love for Kermit. So, how is Kermit going to react? He’s already decided that he loves her. However, the crew of the show is divided about whether or not their romantic reunion is a good idea. Pepe is on Team Love, while Rolanda is on Team Friendship. Kermit spends most of the episode hiding from Piggy as he tries to decide what he wants. As Kermit tries to get back their cancelled musical guest, Bruno Mars, he runs into Jack White. After a short conversation with the musician, Kermit decides that he has to get his girl and Jack White has agreed to fill in as the musical guest. Birds, stones, yeah.

Pepe sets up a grand gesture of Kermit’s love on the show’s set but Piggy shows up too early. She finds out, thanks to some loose lips, that Kermit couldn’t decide if he really wanted to get back with her. Furious, Piggy calls off the relationship before it even starts. In another grand gesture, Kermit gets Jack White to sing their song, “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life,” on the show. Piggy is not satisfied. The crew joins in the song to show their support but it still isn’t enough. Piggy takes off on a flight to Thailand. However, Kermit shows up with a pre-flight calzone. Apparently, Piggy thought that pre-flight calzones were a thing but, no, it was just Kermit. Before Piggy can properly accept Kermit’s show of affection, she passes out thanks to her pre-flight medication. I guess they will find out how they feel in Thailand.

Another episode with lots of throwbacks to the old Muppet Show. This time we saw Marvin Suggs and The Muppaphone, Bobby Benson’s Baby Band, and Mahna Mahna. I love the throwbacks the most. Otherwise, the episode was a little bland. It pretty much summed up the entire season – Piggy obviously loves Kermit and Kermit doesn’t know what he wants. While it looked like everything was tied up with a little bow, it actually wasn’t. Even Kermit was trying to get Piggy to give him a real answer before the plane took off. I guess this is a decent enough ending if the show doesn’t get picked up for a second season but it would be nice to have something a little more solid. Maybe we’ll be lucky and it will get picked up. Then we’ll get an answer.


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