Overview (Spoilers Below):

This week’s episode sees Deb and Wade entering the final frontier. They share their thoughts on the upcoming Dune reboot. During this discussion, Wade comes up with the idea of selling “baby sandworm” merchandise, including an actual baby sandworm, which Randy takes a liking to. Plus, the hosts celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars sequel classic, The Empire Strikes Back. Wade also discusses some stupid ideas for the new Alien design while talking about the forthcoming Alien reboot. 

Our Take:

The show’s hosts have gone from finding love in unexpected places to discussing films that take place in the outer reaches of space. Although, there are still some extra bits of love laying around in this episode, such as Randy falling for a baby sandworm and Wade making love to his “cousin”? Well, it did reflect on the awkward kiss scenario between Luke and Leia in Empire Strikes Back, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Aside from whether or not we’re getting the Dune reboot this year, this week’s episode of The Movie Show was an entertaining intergalactic trip that’s jam-packed with fun pieces of sci-fi movie trivia and some chuckle-worthy humor.  

Ranging from Wade attempting to make a karate video to Randy’s obsession with a baby sandworm, every piece of comedy shown here was a blast of non-stop hilarity that’s either unexpected or just plain funny. One of the moments that caught me off guard was when the hosts unintentionally advertise the Peacock streaming service. I thought I was watching The Movie Show, not The Advertisement Show. I also got a kick out of the joke that poked fun at the “baby something” trend that existed thanks to Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. The “Where Are They Now” segment during the Alien discussion also had its share of humorous moments, including the Xenomorph being a farmer and a musician. However, I’m not a massive fan of the Xenomorph’s high-pitched speaking voice.

The Movie Show‘s space episode didn’t show the hosts going into space, which was unfortunate in my eyes. Still, it did manage to provide some space-related goodness that should impress any human, any alien, or any evil intergalactic overlord in existence. Every segment in the episode hits almost all of the right funny bones. Additionally, the show’s creators, Adam Dubowsky and Alex Stone, once again delivered some solid chemistry as Deb and Wade, respectively. I guess you can say that this episode is out of this world. I’m already hoping that next week’s finale can finish this season off with a bang.

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