Spoilers Below

Chloe wishes that the characters from her favorite show aka The Fair Bears were real. These bears are insane, they want everyone to be happy, and use their powers to put Timmy and the kids to sleep only to wake up in some rainbow hell hole. The bears force Wanda and Timmy to put on happy hats which cause Chloe to freak out and leads the bears to go after her and Cosmo with their own happy hats. With Cosmo’s wand broken, both he and Chloe have to find the other tool for magic, but it’s the power of a vacuum cleaner that wins out.

Our Take

Well, the villains were super fun this week. One of the bears sounded like Christopher Walken and all were almost given the personality traits of Chucky just in a rated-G format. Other than that, everything seems pretty run-of-the-mill.

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