With no new Bob’s Burgers for another week, maybe we can suffice with this for a while.

The Bob’s Burgers Music Album is a massive collection of music from Bob’s Burgers. At a whopping 112 tracks, it’s probably the largest amalgamation of music on one release. As an LP, The Bob’s Burger’s Music Album is kind of the anti-Grateful Dead: whereas some Grateful Dead albums feature about four tracks, each nearing the 20-30 minute mark, the average track length on The Bob’s Burgers Music Album is about 1 minute.

Still, there’s a lot of cohesion. Despite the shorter tracks, The Bob’s Burgers Music Album features a pleasant ebb and flow. It’s a compilation of songs performed by the main cast: Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), Linda (John Roberts), and the kiddos Tina (Dan Mintz), Louise (Kristen Schaal), and Gene (Eugene Mirman). From the onset of the series, Bob’s Burgers rides a wave of oddball humor. It’s a show that’s weird and funny, often for no reason. While the series now benefits from a strong following, Bob’s Burgers first met a lukewarm reception. Largely, that’s because it took several episodes to pick up momentum.

Similarly, The Bob’s Burgers Music Album seems to plod along for a bit. That’s not really a problem, but there’s no overarching theme. Instead, the LP is simply a conglomeration of songs and skits performed by the main cast. Additionally, recurring guest stars Sarah Silverman, Zack Galifianakis, Fred Armisen, Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader, and Kevin Kline. Plus, the likes of Carly Simon and Cyndi Lauper join.

I like how the album captures the essence of the show. The selections curated for the album really highlight the humor prevalent in Bob’s Burgers. Of course, the opening theme remains as well. Plus, there are five Bob’s Buskers tracks on the album. Where The Bob’s Burgers Album truly shines is its callbacks to previous episodes. While listening to “Pirates of Pananche,” I recalled watching “Hamburger Dinner Theater,” and later there’s a great piece from “Weekend at Mort’s.” This reminded me of the Jimmy Pesto’s Pastafarian night gag.

It’s the memories of the show and favorite episodes brought on by songs on The Bob’s Burgers Music Album that make this release a winner. If you’re a die-hard Bob’s Burgers fan, I’d recommend The Bob’s Burgers Music Album. However, if you’re a casual viewer, it’s tough to recommend. Largely, this derives from its format. The entire LP is comprised of snippets of songs and skits from the show. Therefore, it relies on audience knowledge. Additionally, the 112 track length doesn’t boast the massive runtime it might suggest. Rather, it’s pretty short with some tracks a bit over two minutes, and others well under one minute.

But overall The Bob’s Burgers Music Album offers a greatest hits compendium of memorable Bob’s Burgers songs and skits. Like its television show counterpart, it’s varied in humor and music. “Weekend at Mort’s” is a bit reggae-themed, while “Groping for Glory” is an 80s power ballad-style jam. Plus, it’s a pleasant overview of the unique humor prevalent throughout the series. Like the first season, the album seems to just plod along. But that’s perfectly ok.

The verdict: If you’re a die-hard Bob’s Burgers buff, cop this fantastic release. Otherwise, skip it.

Release info: The Bob’s Burgers Music Album is available in a 2-CD release, 3-discvinyly with 7″ single, and digital release. Plus, there’s a deluxe, limited edition box set of the album. This included the 3xLP+7″ on a “condiment-colored” vinyl. One is ketchup red, another mustard yellow, and finally, relish green. The deluxe edition comes with a hardbound lyrics book, soft cover sheet music songbook, six-piece sticker pack, patch, and three posters. Both the deluxe and standard versions come with five “Bob’s Buskers” tracks.


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