Review: The Amazing World of Gumball “The Wish”

If I had a wish I’d wish for three more wishes.

Overview (Spoilers)

Nigel and Lucy are going through some relationship issues so Lucy opts to skip town. Meanwhile, Darwin and Gumball made, what they believe, is an errant wish that Lucy was essentially not around anymore. The brothers, along with Nigel, believe that Lucy has been turned into a cushion only to find out the truth as they catch her before she takes off.

Our Take

If I had a wish I would’ve wished for a more serious episode. I kinda liked where the plot was going when it was all about Nigel and Lucy and the fact that it’s hard to meet “the one”. Instead, we get a rather standard, and very silly, effort that was quite a bit more cliche and nowhere near as well-written as it could have been. Bummer. The overall premise was rather shoddy and none of the jokes were all that entertaining.

John Schwarz

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