Review: The Amazing World of Gumball “The Mess” ; “The Heart”

Bless the Hearts.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

We kick off a two-fer with a bit about Gumball and Darwin babysitting Penny’s little sister. Problem is, these guys are working on very little sleep and end up losing the girl, or so they thought. Turns out, she’s actually a pretty responsible little peanut and is able to survive on her own if need be. When Penny hears about all of the shenanigans going down, she’s annoyed, but what the hell is she gonna do?

The next episode sees Mr. Robinson get on the wrong side of Darwin and Gumball. He tries most of the episode in getting back in their good graces and only succeeds when his heart is ripped out and reprogrammed to be nice, kinda like the Grinch just a tad more morbid.

Our Take

The art direction for this show is increasingly impressive rife with smart writing and even funnier dialogue. The show’s strengths are similar to The Simpsons in that it kind of doesn’t matter who you throw at the Wattersons, we get a pretty damn good show. Clearly, the DNA of comic book artists are in here somewhere and it shows in “The Mess” during the nutty montage of where the boys were similar to “The Heart” when the boys go tumbling down the rabbit hole. Most importantly, both of these episodes may have featured some of the funniest dialogue of the season thus far. I thought the song at the end of “The Heart” may have been a tad on the side of a cop out, though I eventually became in awe for all of the gags going down at the same time. It’s ironic that we had an episode called “The Heart” as you can tell a bunch of it went into these episodes and appear to be doing so as we head into the show’s finale.

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