Shitty sushi?

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

“Sushi Sitter”

Ray partakes in an Uber-style service called “Zipper-Car” in an effort to purchase a Japanese multi-purpose toilet, but as the plot progresses, Henry/Kid Danger ends up being held hostage by Drillfinger in which Ray takes it upon himself to use the Toilet to spring into action.

“Cheer Beast”

Out of desperation & peer-pressure, Henry’s sister Piper tries out Ray/Captain Man’s discontinued health program to prepare for cheerleading tryouts, but the heroes must stop her after it’s disturbing side-effects give Piper more than she bargained for…

Our Take

As somebody who’s never seen the live action series it’s tied with called “Henry Danger” before, I really went into this blind not knowing who the characters were, but it’s clear they want to get their foot in the door for a younger audience since with Animation you can get away with a lot in terms of budget when it comes to action scenes.

Animation-wise, while the backgrounds & character designs were colorful, a lot of the art style reminded me of a Scott Fellows creation “Johnny Test” in terms of how simplistic the character designs were, in combination with sometimes stiff animations as I wouldn’t be surprised if any of this show utilized Flash Animation at all.

The voice cast seems excellent with the cast from the live action show reprising their roles for their animated counterparts, along with ridiculous ideas & concepts that would be mildly entertaining enough to be in a Naked Gun movie such as Japanese toilet that’s ridiculously multi-purpose to the point that it becomes the driving force of one episode, while Ray’s health program turns out to have devastating consequences that become more relevant as the plot progresses.

Overall, While it isn’t a terrible show, I most likely would’ve appreciated this more if I was a fan of the live-action series before going into this. But as a stand-alone animated show, It’s average at most and only managed to give me a small chuckle in places with Nickelodeon in-jokes such as a character resembling “Gibby” from “iCarly” to a random John Lovitz joke.

While not terrible in execution, the animation leaves more to be desired.


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