Review: SuperMansion “Drag Me To Halloween”

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Overview (Some Spoilers Below)

For anyone who thought the 2016 SuperMansion Christmas special sucked, I come with good news…”Drag Me To Halloween” is a THOUSAND times better.

The special episode sees everyone leaving the house except for Rex who has to deal with a Robobot infested with a “Slenderman”-type virus that gives us a rather hilarious send up of The Exorcist. Yes, I know, there have been tons of parodies of The Exorcist, but this one might be my favorite because the producers go hard after the silly paradox that was the whole silly online hoax that was a couple of years back.

Cooch goes around town trick-or-treating when she comes across a dentist who refuses to give candy. As a result, the lepre-cat sticks around to cause all sorts of damage to the dentist’s house which actually helps uncover an illegal operation in the son of a bitch’s basement…think Herbert from Family Guy.

American Ranger heads next door and tries to fuck a ghost, but nearly doesn’t make it out alive and speaking of fucking, it’s very possible Black Saturn and Groaner had some sort of tryst after a night of witch hunting that saw the duo attempt to work together as a team only to both strike out…kinda.

Our Take

Lake Bell follows up a strong BoJack Horseman performance with a strong SuperMansion performance and of course, Phil LaMarr is about as reliable as the other side of the pillow. But really, the principal cast was really funny this time out, with everyone having a really silly evening. Robobot spewed out some one-liners that were so friggin’ good they’re gonna make you laugh and Google Hoobastank at the same time, and I bet you that Groaner and Black Saturn’s evening is going to have ripple effects for the show’s third season on Crackle.


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