Review: Star Wars Resistance “The First Order Occupation”

The First Order hits the scene and Synara returns to the pirates.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

The First Order has arrived on the Colossus. Their peacekeeping forces roam the hallways, monitor every outgoing communication, and generally make a big nuisance of themselves. They turn up at Yaeger’s repair shop in search of a pirate spy.

Putting two and two together, Kaz immediately knows he needs to warn Synara. However, the First Order is one step ahead and is already looking for her at the scavenging bay. Kaz enlists Niku’s help to create a distraction and assists Synara in leaving the Colossus in an escape pod.

Our Take:

Playtime is officially over for Kaz and company. Fresh off Tora Doza’s kidnapping, the First Order has begun their occupation of the Colossus. Though they refer to themselves as a ‘peacekeeping force’, they’re really just acting like a bunch of bullies. Sure, the Colossus might never have been safer, but as Captain Doza asks, “At what cost?” And with the First Order involved, there’s always a price to pay. From harassing citizens for identification in the marketplace to arresting bar patrons for loitering past curfew, the First Order means business. They pose a more serious threat than the pirates ever did.

Having such a serious presence on the Colossus makes Niku’s carefree attitude stand out even more like a sore thumb. Why Kaz would ever think it was a good idea to rope Niku into finding a way for Synara to sneak past the First Order is beyond me. Niku instantly gave Kaz away to the stormtroopers in the marketplace. He doesn’t understand simple figures of speech! In some episodes, Niku works for me, and in some, he just falls flat. Granted, Kaz himself is pretty much the worst spy ever, knocking over crates and bumping into walls as he tries to conduct surveillance on Synara. The physical comedy in this episode was pretty awesome. Kaz tiptoeing up to Synara and getting an elbow to the nose had me in stitches.

So, it seems like Synara is not going to be a regular on the show from now on. (Or at least, not for the rest of this arc.) It was really nice having a morally-dubious character like her onboard, and I hope the show finds a way to bring her back in the future. I feel like we’ve spent too long with her for her just to be forgotten about now. If Kaz has any say in it, it won’t be the last time we see her. Kaz insists to BB-8 that he likes her “as a friend”. (Arguing about your romantic feelings with a droid is something very Kaz-y.) I’m not sure if the awkward elevator ride helped or hindered their relationship, but it sure was fun to watch. I love when Resistance embraces its silliness!

A lot of Kaz’s dialogue around Synara was hilarious, but his line about there being “no time for sensitive goodbyes” takes the cake. Synara was totally lost! Tam’s reaction to Synara’s leaving without bidding her farewell was sweet, too: “I thought she would’ve at least said goodbye.” I definitely want to see more of their relationship.

This episode was a nice step up in the continuing escalation between Doza and the Colossuses, Kaz and the Resistance, and the First Order. The tension of the stormtroopers hunt for the pirate spy was pretty thrilling, and I really enjoyed the way Kaz and Synara’s chemistry has progressed. I’m a little bit sad she’s leaving, but if she had to go, The First Order Occupation provides an exciting departure day.



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