Review: Star Wars Resistance “Synara’s Score”

Yaeger suspects that Kaz isn’t the only spy on board the Colossus when the pirates stage a perfectly-timed attack.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Kaz, Niku, and Tam are hard at work repairing the Colossus cannon defense system. The Ace pilots are going to escort an important supply ship, so it’s critical that the base’s air defense is operational. Unfortunately, they’re missing a key tracking chip that’s extremely rare.

Luckily, Kaz’s rescue friend Synara has been working as a scavenger since being admitted to the Colossus and finds the tracker chip for them in no time. What’s not so lucky is that she’s working with the pirates, and is able to report to them about the Colossus’s defenses being broken. They quickly mount an attack on the base, but eventually, Kaz and Yaeger are able to install the repaired targeting system.

Our Take:

It’s the seventh episode of Star Wars Resistance, and we get an exciting 22 minutes filled with pirate combat, plenty of Tam, and almost none of Niku! Kidding, kidding. In all seriousness though, it was nice getting at least a short break from Niku being Kaz’s right-hand man, if only so Tam could take his place and fill up a lot more screen time than she usually is allotted.

Tam really does take up a lot of this episode’s focus, which is a good thing. Ever since the show began, basically, she’s been the hardworking sarcastic one who gives Kaz a hard time 24/7. But here, we see a different side to her. And that’s mostly thanks to Synara, the pirate’s eye on the inside. After being introduced by Kaz, Tam really takes a liking to the undercover criminal, it seemed. I don’t want to read to much into it, especially since it would be great to see some female friendship going on in the show, but the way Tam just dropped everything (including her repairs!) to go and make sure Synara was okay after the initial pirate attack made it appear like she’s really special to her. Honestly, it felt weird to me. Tam has always been a tough, reliable worker. Now she’s abandoning her very critical duty in order to check on a girl she’s known for all of five minutes? (Though they do share a bond about “wanting more than life has offered” them.) I kind of love getting to see a new side to her, but it also felt like an almost complete 180 for her character. I can only hope that they’ll continue to expand on their relationship in the future, and that’s probably going to be the case since Synara is still on board with her cover safely intact.

The other thing I’ve got to talk about is the whole fight scene, which alternates between Tam and BB-8’s badassery and Yaeger and Kaz’s team up on the hover lift. The skirmish lasts a good five minutes, and it only gets boring near the very end – a testament to how well the fight is staged. Without Imperial troopers and Jedi laser swords, there’s a lot more punching. Tam’s got some top-notch combat skills, Yaeger’s great at punching while piloting, and Kaz…has some top-notch ducking and dodging talents.

Synara’s Score is a very good episode of Star Wars Resistance. It builds on Synara’s character in both expected and unexpected ways, creating a narrative that stays surprising but doesn’t come out of left field. Tam’s backstory is explored a bit, too, which was awesome to see. Visually-speaking, the entire pirate fight sequence was well-executed and a lot of fun. I’m still unsure if Synara is enjoying the Colossus and its inhabitants enough to retire from her old pirate ways, but only time will tell. Captain Doza has made his decision to ask the Empire for protection, and now the resistance will be right at their door.



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