Review: Star Wars Resistance “Signal From Sector Six”

Kaz teams up with Poe to investigate a mysterious distress signal.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

After being awoken early from sleep by Yaeger, Kaz finds himself meeting up with Poe for a check-in (along with some flying practice!). Soon enough, though, they’re on their way to lend a hand to a distress signal emanating from a nearby ship. Pirates have left the ship immobile. Kaz rescues a woman and takes her back to the Colossus – but she is no innocent bystander to the attack.

Our Take:

The sixth episode of Star Wars Resistance marks the return of Poe Dameron in a way I, for one, definitely was not expecting to see. Coming off of last week’s episode, in which Kaz made a report to the Resistance by way of an officer who informed him Poe was gone on an important mission, I assumed that this was the show was writing the well-known star out of the series for a while so that they could bring in new Resistance characters with voice actors who don’t command as much pay as Oscar Isaacson. Instead, it seems like replacing Poe in episode 5 was a bait and switch move. His arrival here is a really fun affair. Meeting up with Kaz in space encapsulates Poe’s devil may care attitude quite well, and their dialogue is very banter-y and in character for them both.

Despite seeming like a so-called ‘filler’ during parts of its runtime, Signal From Sector Six introduces a lot of new potential and interesting possibilities for future episodes of the show. Not only do we see the return of Poe Dameron, but we are finally free from the (admittedly massive) confines of the Colossus.  Now that we’ve been shown that Kaz and company aren’t limited in location to merely their home base, there are so many doors open to them. While I can’t see Resistance setting many more episodes outside of the Colossus unless they’re part of a single story arc, it is great to know that Kaz could be investigating mysterious outside of his usual territory.

Signal From Sector Six is a nice side quest kind of episode, a first for Star Wars Resistance. Up until this point, every episode has been set mostly on the Colossus, but we get a break from back home in order to explore new areas of space and types of missions. Kaz’s kindness may come back to bite him eventually, but I loved seeing him and Poe having fun together while playing the heroes.



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