Review: Star Wars Resistance “Fuel For The Fire”

Kaz makes some new friends – and some new enemies.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

It’s been a few weeks since Kaz has begun his new life aboard the Colossus, and he’s starting to get the hang of things. There’s still a long way to go, at least according to Yaeger. Yaeger wants him to just finish repairing an engine already, but Kaz can’t stand being left behind while there are races going on.

This leads to him meeting some new friends. Or they seem friendly at first. We soon learn they’re only after the special fuel hidden in Yaeger’s room, and they need Kaz to obtain it. But the fuel turns out to be too powerful and causes a ship to go up in flames. Luckily, Kaz manages to save _ in time. What does he gain for his heroic actions? Not a thank you, but a promise of revenge.

Our Take: 

The third episode of Star Wars Resistance is another mostly successful outing for the newest show to bear the Star Wars name. We get to see Kaz tackle the issue of fake friends, which is a good topic for kids watching to hear about, as well as being something that fits well with the whole false identity spy thing Kaz has going on. Or, is trying to get going. So far, we haven’t actually seen him doing any kind of spy work. The mission Poe left him with was to root out a spy working for the First Order. Honestly, Kaz can barely keep his own cover a secret. I don’t think he’s equipped to handle spy work just yet. Which may be a good thing where the show is concerned, since it gives him a lot of room to grow and develop as he slowly starts to gain the skills and confidence necessary to unmask a professional spy. It does make me wonder what exactly Poe was thinking, just leaving him there. Kaz has no formal training (as a spy or a mechanic), and there’s nobody showing him the ropes.

I feel like Poe may have been hoping for too much when it came to the amount that Yaeger could look out for Kaz. The old veteran is definitely keeping an eye on him, but he hasn’t said two words to him when it comes to his actual mission. We’re steadily gaining more insight into who Yaeger used to be, though, and I’m fairly certain that he’ll come around to getting involved with the Resistance again by helping Kaz by the end of this season. The photos that Kaz finds while snooping through his boss’s room are telling, showing that Yaeger was a member of the original Rebel group who fought against the Empire. He seems to have had a family at one point, as well. Their absence in the present may tell us why he’s so surly.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. The humor is such a vital part of this show, and it’s crazy to me how good it is in comparison with Rebels. Some of the one-liners that Kaz gets to deliver are just golden, like when he learns about the concept of getting time off work: “You get days off?” I think it’s somewhat strange that we haven’t seen Kaz try to make any kind of contact with his family or friends yet. Even just seeing the tail end of a conversation to let them know he’s doing okay would go a long way to showing us he is a real person with the history behind him.

Fuel for the Fire is a fine episode of Star Wars Resistance that introduces a new threat to Kaz while also hinting that Yaeger is hiding a lot of history. I’m not really trying to complain too much about the lack of overall story progress, but it would be nice to see Poe (or one of his associates) check in every now and then. Looking forward to next week, it seems like we might be in for some big things, as the First Order moves into the Colossus.



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