Review: Sheriff Callie’s Wild West “The Heartless Valentine’s Day / Mine All Mine”

Steer your kids clear of this bushwhackin, scrub, alky piece of shit franchise.

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Spoilers Below

For those looking to keep their kids away from over commercialization in children’s’ entertainment, look no further than Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. 

The first episode entitled “The Heartless Valentine’s Day” I already had problems going in. For starters, Valentine’s Day is already over commercialized at this point, and this episode doesn’t help shit. Instead of teaching good morals, kids are taught about the importance of everyone having a valentine’s day card, or at least SOMEONE getting a valentine’s day card. Given that Valentine’s Day is mostly a Hallmark card holiday, to really drive that home in a pre-school show for kids is kind of a dick move.

The second episode entitled “Mine All Mine” is even WORSE though not holiday related. The show features an argument between Dirty Dan and Dusty and two more miners about who found a piece of gold first. The two sides argue most of the episode about who’s gonna get paid which is just ridiculous to introduce in a pre-school show. Once kids hit puberty, the start and end of all of their daily lives will be about money whether it’s about asking dad for an allowance or when they get older and are arguing with their landlords over money. There’s no need to bring up arguments over money THIS early in a kids’ life, they’re gonna get enough of that shit when they grow up.



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