Review: RWBY “Our Way”

One last chance.


With the leviathan grimm coming closer, the team needs to make a plan to stop it.

Our Take:

This finale is honestly just really, really fun, and wraps the season up so nicely. More of that on next week’s proper season review, but for now, this episode.

What an episode. There’s a giant looming threat: the Leviathan is coming, and it easily shatters the automatic defenses. It’s not just the kaiju fan in me speaking, but that does inspire terror. With Cordovin’s mecha disabled, there’s little hope left in terms of defending the town from a Grimm invasion. Ruby has one idea though: her petrifying silver eyes.

Thing is, Ruby’s silver eyes don’t come easily. She is confident, yes, but she hasn’t managed to make them work perfectly. She starts out strong, but her mind brings forth a lot of the traumas that she’s seen, and that hinders her. It nearly gets her killed, as its only by Djinn’s intervention that Ruby is able to get her chance. Had Djinn not been there, Ruby would’ve been devoured. It’s only once she clears her mind and thinks of the good things, her happier memories (including the first proper shot of her mother, Summer) give her power. It’s not despairing in the face of a disaster that gives Ruby power, but positivity. She still has a long way to go when it comes to mastering her powers, but she is finally able to pull them out at will.

Oscar also reveals that Ozpin is back, albeit at a distance. Perhaps that is for the best- people still don’t fully trust Ozpin after he lied and tricked all of them, but that doesn’t mean that his knowledge can’t come in handy. That also doesn’t mean he can’t steer them in the right direction, just that he shouldn’t be intentionally manipulating their lives anymore.

With that, everyone heads to Atlas and makes it there successfully. What they find is a kingdom prepared for war, with the entire military detained. Hopefully, the team will be able to slip past them, but security is sure to be tight.

Also, talk about a cliffhanger. Cinder and Neo are on their way to Atlas, yes, but there’s one other person coming as well- Salem. She has acted through her underlings up until now, but this time she’s ready to take the stage herself. No wonder Atlas is armed to the teeth, they’ll need it all to take on an army of grimm and an infuriated immortal.



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