Review: RWBY Chibi “The Mystery Bunch”

This episode was 3 mins and 43 seconds with zero promo ads.

Spoilers Below: 

“Rolling Thunder”

Jaune, Ren, Sun, and Neptune are out skating, but Jaune and Neptune keep losing their balance. Ren tries to shake them off, but the three of them all end up falling. The only one who manages to stay balanced Sun, who is actually using his tail as a counterbalance. He starts to brag, but is cut short when Ruby skates by and accidentally hits his tail. Sun limps away, still trying to keep up the act.



“Computer Virus”

A virus has infected Beacon’s computers, and the staff are wondering how this could have happened. Penny walks by and sneezes.



“The Mystery Bunch”

Neptune and Sun realize that someone else in town is going around solving mysteries. They do some snooping, and it’s revealed to be ‘The Mystery Bunch’, comprised of Ren, Pyrrha, Jaune, Nora, and Zwei. They are much less serious and comedic, especially compared to the noir duo. A Grimm appears, and the Bunch begins a silly chase scene. Somehow, despite their hijinks, the Bunch manages to catch and unmask the culprit. Neptune wonders how they did it, but Sun just tells him to eat the dog treats the gang has on hand since that seems to be giving them an edge.



Once again, RWBY Chibi’s strengths are shown when they’re doing parodies of more well-known pieces of media. This time, they’re spoofing Scooby Doo, with Team JNPR as the gang. They recreate the well-known running through doors scene that fans of the show would easily recognize, and parody the gangs’ personalities as well. They even cite how they somehow managed to inexplicably solve the crime, compared to noir detectives that use hard detective work. It’s fun, and RWBY Chibi should continue making more parodies like this.

Worst Short: Rolling Thunder

Best Short: The Mystery Bunch

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