Review: RWBY Chibi “Kids vs Adults vs Pups”

Ten million fireflies.

Spoilers Below:

“Kids vs Adults vs Pups”

Ozpin and Winter criticize the girls, saying that youth is wasted on them. Ruby criticizes the adults, imagining that they can easily forego their responsibilities. Zwei imagines a world where the girls easily give him treats and let him do whatever he wants.




“Mysterious Red Button”

Penny leads a reluctant Ruby to the park. Ruby isn’t happy, instead wanting to spend her time staying indoors, but Penny wants to introduce Ruby to her new friends- the fireflies. While Ruby is reluctant at first, that goes away when Penny shows that she can communicate with them. They have a good time hanging out with the fireflies, and Ruby admits that she’s happy to have Penny around. Penny says she feels the same.




The first was a straightforward skit, but I particularly liked the second. It doesn’t really rely on jokes or one-off gags to propel it forward– it’s just cute. It’s nice and  focuses on their friendship without resorting to cheap punches. It just makes you feel good and doesn’t do it at the characters’ expense. It would be great to see more skits like that down the line.


Worst Short: Kids vs Adults vs Pups

Best Short: Fireflies

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