Make a formal decision.


The Reds and Blues continue to fix crucial paradoxes.

Our Take:

The two leaders in question here are Tucker and Genkins both, who face different kinds of turmoils through their journey. Tucker goes back to the fight that the Reds and Blues lost, one that seems to be turning the tide in their favor this time around. Knowing that they are ultimately destined to lose, he instead has to sabotage his own plan to make the timeline right itself again. In having to destroy a potentially good situation, and being tempted by Genkins to create another paradox, Tucker realizes his folly for the past few seasons; as the leader, he’s been trying to create a persona of what he thinks a leader could be, that ultimately he truly isn’t. A leader is this overconfident machismo type, but all that’s done is further isolate him because those traits aren’t what made him succeed in the first place. Hopefully, after realizing this, he can improve himself going forward.

Genkins comes to realize that Chrovos is manipulating him, that there is no real guarantee that she will give him the power he was promised. She gave him words and a promise, but that promise is all belief in her good will once she’s freed from prison. Because the main team is very quickly working to fix all the paradoxes and outwitting Genkins, Chrovos is soon to remain in her prison. She very well can’t do anything to harm the outside world, only use her avatar, Genkins. Genkins, wracked with self-doubt and knowing that the main team is too efficient, decides to give her an offer- to shift her powers over to him so that he can create a multitude of paradoxes. He wins her over with logic and naturally takes the power for his own means. It’s not that surprising of a twist, and ultimately, it has more to do with Genkins taking control of his own destiny than becoming a leader, but it’s close enough.

At the end of it all, Washington makes up his mind one last time, to fix the original paradox, one that leads to his brain injury. He says goodbye to Carolina one last time, but it’s not really a goodbye in his eyes- for he doesn’t really die. He can come back, eventually, perhaps somewhat down the line. He walks into gunfire with his resolve strong, but who knows if that actually succeeded. For some reason, I’m guessing not, just because that would end the series too early, and we’re not even halfway through the season.

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