Review: Red vs Blue “Self-Fulfilling Odyssey”

Memories come flooding back.


Washington and Donut make to regroup the original team.

Our Take:

Washington manages to bring the group back together, and sure enough, it slowly seems to work. By everyone being in the same place and most importantly, being able to recognize each other when they shouldn’t be able to, breaks them out of being entrenched in the paradox.¬†Donut also manages to explain the situation fairly well (and with few innuendos, no less), proving that he can be more than just a joke character now that he understands how his jokes have been formulated. Now that everyone is for the most part, on the same page, they could possibly reassemble, and take measures to stop the original paradox.

For the first time, we see a more hidden side to Caboose, who reveals a lot more that he hasn’t been talking about. We all know that Caboose was very close to Church, and still thinks very highly of Church to the present day. We also learn that he hasn’t fully processed Church’s death, but is aware of this completely, so he keeps Church’s battle helmet with him as a memento. By keeping that as a reminder, that not only did Church exist but also that he’s no longer around, this has oddly enough, allowed Caboose to process his own grief. Seeing Genkins posing as Church and controlling his body is something that puts Caboose in a very bad place- not only is it disgraceful to Church’s memory but it also highly bothers Caboose as he’s supposed to be processing a loss, not re-experiencing it. He does as Genkins politely at first, but when Genkins refuses, Caboose flies into an outrage.

The first half is admittedly, something that feels far too long as Sarge monologues about his own victory. I do wish they would have cut that down significantly, as it kept going and going, but it’s a short episode so I digress.

Genkins also reveals some information on Huggins, that she has been dispatched. In truth, we see her being sucked into a black hole at the time of the paradox, where she fears for her life. It is the same phenomenon that killed her parents, and she doesn’t want to die herself, as she still has an obligation to fulfill. What lies on the other side of the black hole is something that resembles a red sun- and it’s hard to tell what that means. Whatever it is, it surely can’t be good.

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