Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Witness Protection Program”

It’s not a lion here, it’s a giraffe.

Spoilers Below

The gang must go in disguise to hide from a dangerous criminal:

Pig as a professor of pickles, but despite a rather compelling disguise, Giraffe eventually figures out where Pig is and captures him.

Goat as a businesswoman gets a job, but her innate desires to become a famous musician comes out and it manifests itself into that of “DJ Quill”. After a killer song, she manages to get herself captured by Giraffe.

Cricket as a baby belonging to an owl that is coincidentally dating the Giraffe. Eventually, Cricket’s disguise comes loose and he’s captured.

Banana is a plumber and on his first day of work, he has to go over to Giraffe’s house to fix his toilet that’s backed up by the bodies of Pig, Goat, and Cricket.

Banana’s able to free his friends and then the team flushes Giraffe down the toilet and everyone gets rewards in the process.

Our Take

Justin Roiland guest stars as the Psychopath Giraffe, which is by far his best character on Pig Goat Banana Cricket. Pretty much imagine a MeeSeeks that goes insane, and that’s a good place to start in terms of what the Rick and Morty voice/creator brings to the table on this role.

It plays well in this Johnny Ryan-created world because guys who like to produce weird and not normal shows stick together and it does that here. Every one of the bits ends the same with the exception of Banana’s, and we got a hilarious antagonist out of it.



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