Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Where Do Pickles Come From?”

They come from Mr. Pickles.

Spoilers BelowGoat wants to build a new entertainment center to replace the one that the house has now which is really just a big pile of shoes glued together. When one of those pairs of shoes gets word of what’s going down, he takes the instructions and attempts to sabotage Goat everytime she gets ahead. Eventually, the pile of shoes invites a date over and turns Goat into an entertainment center to watch her favorite show.

Cricket wants to impress Goat by being a vigilante inspired by Goat’s favorite TV show Vigilante Man. Unfortunately, Cricket’s attempt is kinda lame and Goat doesn’t seem impressed, preferring to get ice cream instead of watching Cricket attempt to be a vigilante. When it comes time to actually solve a crime, Goat’s the one who beats the shit out of a criminal.

Banana becomes an Internet celebrity by starting a show that sees him become the “Unboxer” which involves him opening up boxes. Problem is, Banana’s getting a bunch of views by constantly failing at opening a box. Banana heads over to “Unboxing Helena’s” house and gets her super nuclear box opener. Banana uses the box opener but is still unable to open his box.

Pig finds out where pickles come from…gross cucumbers. Angry Old Raisin takes it upon himself to show Pig the process. The duo heads to the library where Pig has a breakdown and has to join a self-help group and even THEY think he’s an idiot for not believing where pickles come from.

Banana shows up with his unopened box, and Pickles is able to get it open on the first try. What’s inside? A hyena that shoots out pickles and flies on a rainbow…much to the chagrin of Angry Old Raisin. Cricket shows up with Goat to save the day by equipping everyone to look like 70s style vigilantes ready to fight crime. Eventually, we find out that the hyena is named Seymour, and his parents come to pick him up while the titular characters attempt to become vigilantes.

Our Take

How often do the combined efforts of Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket actually run longer than the shorts? Almost never. Overall, this week’s episode was pretty damn good with lots of funny moments. Banana going nuts over the box had all sorts of shades from the old-school Wile E. Coyote cartoons of yesteryear and Pig going nuts over pickles always makes for a good time.

In any attempt, some of the ideas we’ve seen before. Banana wanting to become an internet celebrity is a premise that has been done a multitude of times, as is Goat building furniture or Cricket inspired by something he’s seen on TV so he tries to do it, too. All ideas you’ve seen on say Family Guy or The Simpsons, but with a different delivery that only Pig Goat Banana Cricket can pull off.


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