Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Steak Bus”


Spoilers Below

Pig directs a commercial for the Picklemart which is in trouble because the owner of the Picklemart divested all of his cash into the ad. Couple minutes into the shoot, the actor quits and Fartsinator convinces Pig to do the commercial himself as the star. The manager ends up filming the last take featuring Pig whom also acts as the editor and presents it to the board with a slight mistake.

Banana attempts to eat the perfect steak after selling his soul but it turns him into a cow-man. To help, the breakfast burrito removes the meat from Banana’s stomach which sets everything back to normal.

Cricket needs to get his super suit dry cleaned but he loses his ticket and isn’t able to get his suit back from the dry cleaner. Cricket then tries all sorts of crazy ways to get his suit back and ends up buying the place only to have his customer service associate get the magazine cover Cricket was getting ready for.

Goat is recruited to be a famous wrestler after Banana’s cracked teeth cause her to turn into the Hulk every time he talks. She actually has a good run as a performer, but Banana loses his teeth and isn’t able to whistle her back into a wrestler. Enter the final match against a big walking crocodile and Banana has to recruit the paying audience to help Goat win her match. Unfortunately, she gets so big and angry that Cricket has to do battle. Pig shows up with the power of pickles and has to shove her horns into her ears long enough for her to shrink.

Our Take

Steaks and wrestling? How could this episode go wrong? Fortunately, the episode doesn’t and offers up a hilarious effort. Pig’s selfie video while falling in the barrel was one of the best-produced scenes I’ve seen this franchise do and Goat going nuts in wrestling was a bunch of fun. Banana’s bit was a little over-the-top and dry cleaning premises have been done a dozen times. Overall a solid episode and worth a watch.



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