Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “It’s on Like Con-Con”

Right on the money.


Overview (Spoilers Below)

The gang head to Con-Con where Pig’s got a movie premiering and he’s got to kick the ass of someone trying to blow up his spot. Banana’s trying to come up with a comic book to bring to Con-Con, which he does, and it’s all about Ranger Rhino being an idiot. When the Ranger hears about it he begins torturing Banana, but when Ranger Rhino starts getting attention for his depiction, he lightens up. Cricket tries to get his hands on a rare item but is caught in a bidding war that leads to a bunch of contests only to find out the toy is a fake. Goat takes part in a costume contest but needs a makeover first. After getting a few key ingredients, the duo wins a contest but a bunch of lizard jocks shows up to crash the joint and destroy the con. Fortunately, teamwork dispels the otherworldly invaders and we can get back to business.

Our Take

I’m sure Johnny Ryan and Co. know allllll about Comic-Cons, and as such, are probably well equipped to lampoon some of the more unsightly features of the yearly event. From crazy overweight patrons who sweat all over you when you’re trying to walk past them to elitist scumbags walking the floors, these guys nail it in this episode. The only thing this episode doesn’t get right, I would’ve like to have seen Banana have to do a bit more begging just to get his booth setup ala the assholes at New York Comic Con.


John Schwarz

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