Review: Party Legends “Greased Up Like A Chicken”

Something tells me, Nancy’s story is only going to be considered the SECOND biggest LCD Soundsystem story today.

Nancy Whang in “The Main Attraction”

In any case, the band’s on tour in Europe and they don’t have their gear so they all have to deal with rentals at a small club that may have been an orgy anyway. Everyone gets really drunk, James Murphy vomits on a wall, and this must’ve been a REALLY early show because Jerry Fuchs had JUST joined the band and he has since passed away almost 10 years now. Entertaining back story as to how Jerry became involved in the band in the first place.



David Gborie “The Best Nights of My Life”

David and his pals go do stand up, come back loaded, and hit up a free chicken joint. Another story featured David fucking some fat girl on a car.



Anna Seregina “First Date blah blah blah”

Anna brings some dude to a bar where I guess a poetry slam goes down. There are some questionable people that come on stage that sees a fight ensue that spills out into the street.  It must’ve worked because five years later Anna bagged that dude.



Fetty Wap  “Rumble in the Club”

I couldn’t understand one word Fetty said. Something about dudes pulling up with guns at a club.



Kool Keith  “Romantic Records”

Keith and his pal couldn’t score with these ladies because no one knew how to pick a soundtrack.



Best Sketch

The Main Attraction

Worst Sketch

Rumble in the Club

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